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The Power of Disability Integration - offered quarterly
  • The Power of Disability Integration - offered quarterly

    The Power of Disability Integration: Creating Belonging in a Biased World 


    Chez Genese founder, Kathryn Hubert, will facilitate a 90- minute in person session with the primary goal to change the way participants view and interact with disabled humans. 


    Participants will be asked to personally reflect, engage in breakout sessions, ask questions, and respond. This will be an interactive and hands on session! This session is perfect for businesses or organizations to complete as a team. 


    Workshop will cover:

    Overview & definition of disability.

    Primary areas that humans are impacted by disability.

    Introduction to Person First vs. Identity First language and when to use/not use.

    The danger of using disability euphemisms.

    Definitions and examples of inclusion and adaptability.

    What self-advocacy is and what it is not.


    Workshop Dates & Times:

    March 21st - 5:00-6:30pm

    June 27th - 4:00-5:30pm

    September 26th- 6:00-8:00pm

    November 14th - 5:30-7:00pm


    Session goals include:


    1. To cast a vision for a world where disabled humans are fully accepted and belong.

    2. To fill a cultural gap by providing language around disability and provide a comfortable space for participants to be curious and initiate or facilitate discussions around disability.

    3. To recognize that, as a society, we typically either dismiss disability or see only the disability; instead, we want to acknowledge the reality of what someone is experiencing without limiting or defining that person based on a disability or diagnosis.


    Ultimate hope: for participants to walk away with a commitment to see and work with the fullness of humans with disabilities instead of reducing someone to their disability.


    Notes on registration: We are offering this course 4 times this year. Please select the date you wish to attend and indicate if you are taking this course for personal interest or as a business representative! We would also love to hear any goals or takeaways you are hoping to gain from this workshop. 

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