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We would love to come connect with your audience!


Kathryn Hubert, Owner

Up to 1 hour

Owner Kathryn Hubert focuses on her story and why Chez Genèse exists, all centered around the theme of belonging and why belonging is a basic human right.


(Additional teammates available to join upon request!)

The Place of New Beginnings - Why Belonging is a Basic Human Right


Who will benefit from this speech? This Keynote is ideal for industry leaders, community builders, and innovative thinkers. You will be challenged to look within to determine your own understanding of belonging and how you value that in your own life and in the lives of those around you. Kathryn will discuss the importance of belonging both in our world and in our workplaces, both in general themes and then specifically in regards to humans with disabilities. 


What are the primary takeaways? The concept of belonging is regularly held open for a culturally approved group of people only, leaving many on the margins or outside. This can be seen in social settings, relational, educational, and vocational. While all of these areas are important, and do build on one another, the emphasis of this keynote is primarily focused on the workplace and the benefit that inclusive workspaces brings to our communities, cities, and world.

What do we promise? We can’t promise it will be comfortable, but we do promise it to be transformational. For yourself. Your work. Our communities and cities. And ultimately our world.

1/2 Day Seminar

3 hours

Our 1/2 day seminar is team led and goes in depth on disability language and euphemisms, the pros and cons of disclosure, and what self-advocacy is and is not.

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Panel Participation 

1 hour minimum 

Book Kathryn (owner) or a Chez Genèse employee for a panel discussion centering around disability mindset and/or adaptive & inclusive workspaces.

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Full Day Seminar

6 hours

Our full day seminar is also team led and builds off our half day seminar. It also includes creating adaptive & inclusive workspaces & building community.

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Session Facilitation

1 hour minimum

Kathryn and our team would love to come and teach a workshop for your team! This is a great continuing ed opportunity. Message us for a list of session topics.

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"Kathryn facilitated a virtual meeting for our North America population in which she asked each of us to get curious, be vulnerable and explore our own biases in a safe and constructive way. Kathryn created space for active engagement, questions, and conversation which took a topic that could trigger emotions of shame or fear and transformed it into an arena for exploration, learning, and awareness building. Our population left the conversation energized and informed. Thank you, Kathryn!"

Brittany / Volvo Group / Director of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

"Kathryn is the epitome of what contemporary business should look like, illuminating compassion and authenticity through an amazing business model. She has taken on the mantle of educating others on how disabled and nondisabled populations can work together with dignity and mutual respect. Kathryn has created her own delicious niche through Chez Genèse! Leaders of all varieties should take note." 

Zithobile / Deftable / Leadership Consultant + Community Connector

"Kathryn is a compelling speaker with a great deal of insight to share about taking chances, being an entrepreneur, and creating impact. She offers valuable lessons with a quiet humility that is easy to relate to and absorb. Her story is one that offers much inspiration for those who want to create a life of purpose and she shares practical actions for taking risks, building community, and building a business. " 

Lyndon/ CoMetta Best / Founder

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