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Compass greensboro

We are a vocational program located in downtown Greensboro, NC and we are passionate about connecting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to the greater Greensboro community and vice versa. 


We expect and aim to change the way our community trains, interviews, and hires adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities so that our world becomes a more inclusive and diverse place, accepting and embracing of all people! 

Compass Greensboro is part of the Chez Genèse family and includes two arms:

1.  Vocational Program- 6 months of intensive training, classes and community involvement for adults with disabilities hoping to become independent and work in the hospitality industry

2.  Business Classes- open to the public and focused on advocacy and inclusion

Training program video

Vocational Training program & business classes


A 6 month job training program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities specifically geared towards the hospitality and foodservice industries. Our teaching strategies include a combination of direct instruction, hands-on learning activities, personal reflection, and one-on-one coaching. The program includes personal development & disability awareness courses, hands-on training with our partner restaurant Chez Genèse, and an internship at a local business with supported job placement and maintenance. 


Compass Greensboro offers leadership and coaching classes for business owners and managers specifically focused on making workplaces more inclusive. All of our business partners who work with students in the internship phase go through these courses.

Student testimony- eric!

Compass Greensboro Class of 2021-2022


Business classes will be offered in the winter of 2023. Classes are focused on inclusion, leadership training, and retention of employees with disabilities.



Are you a disabled adult looking to find a job in the hospitality industry and hoping to be more independent? Compass is for you! Reach out at the button below to fill out an application.



Our vocational training program is under the leadership of Chez Genèse. All donations made to Compass Greensboro go towards programming, coaching and staffing, business partner development, and student scholarships. Gifts are not tax deductible. 

You can reach out to us at:
Follow us on Instagram @compassgso 

Thank you for your donation!

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